Federation: OT Expansion a Great First Step (6/30)


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The AFL-CIO, to which the SIU is affiliated, has issued the following news release.


For more information on the proposed overtime rules, check out the Economic Policy Institute website by clicking HERE


In March 2014, President Obama directed the Labor Department to update overtime eligibility rules to restore the overtime protection workers have lost to inflation since 1975. Under federal overtime regulations, workers who earn less than a certain salary level are generally entitled to overtime protection. The last regular adjustment to the salary level was made by President Ford in 1975.


President Richard Trumka

Applauds Overtime Expansion Proposal


Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the Department of Labor proposal to expand overtime protections:


Millions of America’s workers are one step closer to earning the overtime pay they rightfully deserve but have been systematically denied. Working people called on President Obama to go bold, and his response will provide a much needed boost to our entire economy. This is a critically important step forward for the Raising Wages Agenda, but it is just that – a first step.


The labor movement is committed to ensuring workers’ voices are heard, ensuring that this proposal is strengthened and fully implemented. We recognize that while the proposal will help millions of workers across the country, millions more will still be denied overtime pay by their employer. We will continue fighting until every worker who deserves overtime protections is paid for all their time worked.




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