Federation Ready for State Legislative Fights (11/17)


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The AFL-CIO, to which the SIU is affiliated, recently issued the following communication from Richard Trumka, president of the federation:


Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Pending State Legislative Battles

November 13, 2014


In the wake of last Tuesday’s elections, many state and local politicians have already begun to signal their intent to wage assaults on working people in their states. While national political pundits debate outcomes, the AFL-CIO and its allies also have a keen eye on the developments at state and local levels.


We have no illusions there are radical politicians who are far more concerned with appeasing their corporate donors and being a tool for groups like ALEC than standing for working family issues. This is despite the fact that the Raising Wages agenda remains of upmost importance to most Americans. A majority of the electorate is struggling economically and sixty-eight percent of voters agree that raising wages is good for workers and the economy. The majority of people want rights at work. We want the ability to stay home if we’re sick. We want fair and equal pay. And we believe if you work for and earn a pension, you should get it.


Make no mistake: The labor movement is more prepared and ready to combat these attacks than ever before.


We also know that this fight will not be the labor movement’s alone. We are fully engaged with our allies in the community and more importantly know that the values we stand for are in complete sync with the majority of Americans. It will take a collective effort to preserve and expand our values, and we are up to the task.





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