Important Note to Seafarers Concerning W-2 Forms (1/29)


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The following letter from the Seafarers Vacation Plan is being mailed to SIU members along with corrected 2013 W-2 forms. As indicated in the last paragraph, questions may be directed to the Administrator’s Office at 1-800-252-4674.


January 30, 2014


Dear Participant:


The Plan regrets to inform you that due to a computer error, the 2013 W-2 Form from Seafarers Vacation Plan that was mailed to you approximately one week ago is incorrect. 


Please be assured that the total amount withheld and submitted to the IRS for Social Security and Medicare taxes was correct. The error is only on the original 2013 W-2 Form mailed to you previously. 


Taxes withheld in Box 4/Social Security and Box 6/Medicare were calculated incorrectly based on the percentage used to calculate the withholding.  However, the total amount withheld for both Social Security and Medicare is correct (add Box 4 and Box 6 for total amount withheld). 


Due to this error, the Plan has issued a corrected 2013 W-2 Form to you (enclosed).  Please use this corrected form for your tax filings.


If you have any questions, please contact the Administrator’s Office at 1-800-252-4674.  Thank you for your understanding.


Margaret R. Bowen



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