IMB: Piracy reaches record high (4/15)

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The International Maritime Bureau, part of the International Chamber of Commerce, is reporting that piracy has reached record levels. In a web post dated April 14, the IMB says, “Worldwide in the first quarter of 2011, 18 vessels were hijacked, 344 crew members were taken hostage, and six were kidnapped. A further 45 vessels were boarded, and 45 more reported being fired upon.”


“Figures for piracy and armed robbery at sea in the past three months are higher than we’ve ever recorded in the first quarter of any past year,” said Pottengal Mukundan, director of IMB, whose Piracy Reporting Centre has monitored piracy worldwide since 1991.


The complete article is available by clicking HERE.


Earlier, the IMB announced its strong support of a joint international anti-piracy campaign known as Save Our Seafarers. For more information on that effort, visit


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