NTSB Publishes El Faro Summary


July 2018


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The tragic sinking of the SIU-crewed cargo ship El Faro happened nearly three years ago, but the incident made recent headlines following the release of two new books plus a summary from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).


The board in late May posted a 16-page PDF file which it described as an “illustrated digest (that) summarizes the critical events and decisions that led to the Oct. 1, 2015, sinking of El Faro and the loss of all 33 crewmembers. The digest also synopsizes the more than 60 recommendations issued throughout the NTSB’s investigation of the sinking. The infographics and summary make for an easy-to-read digest, compared with the thousands of pages that comprise the NTSB’s final report and associated investigative documents, while still imparting potentially lifesaving information to our stakeholders.”


The NTSB announcement concluded, “While the full accident report, available at www.ntsb.gov, remains the agency’s definitive document on our investigation of the sinking, this digest provides an overview of this landmark marine accident, and a review of what government and industry can do to prevent such an accident from happening again.”


The summary is easy to find on the NTSB website. Use the search feature and enter the words “El Faro illustrated digest.”


Meanwhile, the books were released in early May. One is titled “Into the Raging Sea” and is authored by Rachel Slade. The other is titled “Run the Storm” and is written by George Michelsen Foy. Both are available on Amazon.


The hardcover edition of Slade’s book is 416 pages, and it appears to be the more critically acclaimed of the two. Foy’s book is 272 pages.


Seventeen SIU members were among the El Faro’s final crew.


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