Alaska Tanker Company Achieves Safety Milestone


February 2016


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The head of Alaska Tanker Company (ATC) recently announced a significant safety milestone – and he credited the SIU for helping achieve it.


In a written message late last year, Anil Mathur, CEO of Seafarers-contracted ATC, reported that the company’s employees had completed 20 million man-hours – spanning 14 years – with only one lost-time injury (a broken finger). During that period, SIU-crewed ATC vessels transported more than 1.25 billion barrels of Alaskan crude oil without spilling a single drop to sea, Mathur noted. That total accounted for one-third of Alaska’s North Slope crude oil production.


“This remarkable world-class performance has been delivered by our dedicated employees working day in and day out while sailing in the harsh weather conditions of the Gulf of Alaska and North Pacific, with long tours of duty away from family, 12-hour days, and interrupted sleep patterns,” Mathur wrote. “ATC has achieved this level of performance with strong support from our external stakeholders: our client BP who has provided us with the world-class Alaska Class fleet, and the funds to safely operate and maintain our ships; our unions: the Seafarers International Union and Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association (70 percent of ATC’s work force is unionized); encouragement and support from our regulators: the U.S. Coast Guard, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Washington State Department of Ecology and California Oil Spill Prevention and Response; our suppliers, and support from our owners: OSG, Keystone and BP.”


In a congratulatory letter to Mathur, SIU President Michael Sacco said that while the CEO always is quick to deflect praise and give credit to others, “it also must be said that your leadership, foresight, ingenuity and compassion are at the very heart of ATC’s sterling record. Your emphasis on safety training has led ATC to the forefront of cutting-edge preparedness. Your effectiveness and sincerity have created an environment where all workers truly feel empowered to affect positive change, and to regard safety as an integral part of their everyday seagoing life. Very simply – and very sincerely – I believe there is no way ATC would have made this achievement without you at the helm.”


Sacco added, “On behalf of our entire union, we are proud of this milestone and grateful for the opportunity to continue working together for many years to come.”


The SIU-crewed ATC fleet includes the Alaskan Legend, Alaskan Navigator, Alaskan Explorer and Alaskan Frontier.



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