Bosun Becomes Believer In Membership Portal


April 2015


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Bosun Carl Pedersen doesn’t think of himself as technologically savvy, but he says it doesn’t take a computer whiz to benefit from using the members-only portal available on the SIU website.


Pedersen signed up for the portal – a free service – at SIU headquarters on Feb. 9. He got a walk-through from Seafarers Plans Administrator Maggie Bowen and came away impressed with the online system.


“The portal is great,” said Pedersen, a Seafarer for more than a decade. “All of my information is right there – everything. I can check out what I need and what I need to get done. How great is that?”


He added that the portal is especially useful for him because he lives overseas. But it also may come in handy aboard ship, for example.


“If you don’t have a clinic paper with you on a ship, you can just go to and you can print it right there,” Pedersen noted. “I’m going to spread the word. I’m a big fan of it.”


The portal was introduced a few years ago as part of a major upgrade to the union’s website. It features a wealth of information including work history, claims status, a list of dependents and much more. Last year, an option was added that lets members schedule clinic exam services. Seafarers also can use the portal to update their contact information.


All Seafarers are encouraged to sign up for a free account. Look for the “Member Login” link in the upper right part of this page.




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