Crowley Christens Ocean-Class Tugs


December 2012


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The SIU welcomed new jobs with the Oct. 26 christening of two state-of-the-art Crowley Maritime tugboats in New Orleans: the Ocean Wave and the Ocean Wind.


SIU Vice President Gulf Coast Dean Corgey and Assistant Vice President Jim McGee represented the union at the ceremony, as did rank-and-file Seafarers from both tugs.


According to the company, the Ocean Wind and Ocean Wave will “work in the U.S. Gulf for a major customer in the global oil and gas industry.”


“These tugs are incredible,” Corgey said. “They’re real workhorses and truly are cutting-edge.”


Vessel sponsors Christine Crowley, wife of Tom Crowley, chairman, president and CEO, and Trish


Martus, wife of Ray Martus, new construction director for Crowley subsidiary Jensen Maritime, performed the time-honored tradition of christening the double-hulled vessels. More than 250 guests, including friends and employees from Crowley and representatives from Bollinger Shipyard, of Amelia, La., attended the event. A luncheon and vessel tours preceded the event and a celebratory reception followed.


According to Crowley, the launch of this new class of tugboats, which also includes Ocean Sun and Ocean Sky, “further solidifies the company’s standing as an industry leader in ocean towing, salvage and offshore marine support for the upstream energy industry. Ideally suited to work with Crowley’s new 455 series high deck strength barges, which measure 400 feet long by 105 feet wide, these ocean-class tugs will be outfitted for long-range, high-capacity ocean towing, rig moves, platform and floating production, storage and offloading unit tows, emergency response and firefighting.”


“We are raising the bar in terms of reliability, power and environmental friendliness with the addition of these tugboats,” said Crowley. “The investments we are making will serve the needs of these customers for many years to come.”


The Ocean Wave and Ocean Wind are 146 feet long; the Ocean Sun and Ocean Sky are 156 feet long, while all four tugs have breadths of 44 feet and drafts of 21 feet. According to the company, “They are designed to have a minimum bollard pull of 150 metric tons, and range for the vessels will be approximately 12,600 nautical miles at 15 knots free running. They will be outfitted with twin-screw, controllable-pitch propellers in nozzles and high lift rudders for a combination of performance and fuel economy.”


The tugs also feature dynamic positioning technology, which allows each vessel to maintain its positioning and heading automatically using a centralized manual control that continuously calculates environmental conditions and adjusts to the dynamics. The Caterpillar-supplied main engines and generators are all EPA Tier II compliant, and can be upgraded to meet future environmental standards, for cleaner emissions and a lower environmental impact.


Other vessels in Crowley’s new-build program include the recently completed tenth and final 650-class articulated tug-barge tank vessel (ATB) and three new 750-class ATBs, the Legacy/750-1, Legend/750-2 and Liberty/750-3. Crowley has invested more than $1 billion in new tugs, high-capacity barges and ATBs as part of this program.


The remaining ocean-class tugs are being constructed at Bollinger Marine Fabricators, LLC, in Amelia, La., and are scheduled for delivery in 2013.




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