SIU JobsSIU-contracted companies offer plentiful opportunities for employment aboard all types of vessels, including (but not limited to) deep sea cargo vessels, tankers, military support ships, Great Lakes vessels, cable ships, tugboats, passenger ferries and more.

If you already are a member of the SIU and are ready to ship, please register at one of the union halls. Click here for a list of SIU halls.


If you already have your merchant mariner credential/z-card and TWIC – and are not currently an SIU member – and are interested in joining the SIU, please contact the nearest SIU hall. For a list of halls, click here


If you are interested in applying for the unlicensed apprentice program at the union-affiliated Paul Hall Center and its Seafarers Harry Lundeberg School in Piney Point, Md., click HERE for information on how to apply.


Both the SIU and the Paul Hall Center appreciate your interest.


Immediate Opening – Engineering Instructor


The Paul Hall Center’s Harry Lundeberg School is seeking members interested in teaching engineering classes at our training school in Maryland, part-time or full-time, who have the required sea time as a QMED-QEP-QEE-QER-Licensed Engineer or military personnel who are honorably discharged or separating. A separated or retired military candidate should have two years of watchstanding sea time, plus engineer qualifications in a rating of EM-EN-BT-MM-GSM-HT. For more information, contact Mike Mason at (301) 994-0010, extension 5247,