Top Stories from the Seafarers Log 

(SIU's Monthly Newspaper / April 2015)


President's Column

SIU President Michael Sacco points out how the U.S. Export-Import Bank benefits America, and also touches on remarks by General Paul Selva.


SHBP Enhances Eligibility Rule

Recent changes by the Seafarers Health and Benefits Plan aim to make it easier for SIU members to remain eligible for benefits.


New EPI Report Exposes RTW Sham

The Economic Policy Institute describes so-called right-to-work laws for what they are: Anti-worker measures that hurt the economy and weaken the middle class.


The Seafarers International Union, Atlantic, Gulf, Lakes and Inland Waters, AFL-CIO, represents professional United States merchant mariners sailing aboard U.S.-flag vessels in the deep sea, Great Lakes and inland trades.
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