COVID-19 Safety Updates

HQ Closing for Precautionary Reasons

For precautionary reasons, SIU headquarters will be closed beginning Thursday, Dec. 23, and will reopen Monday, Jan. 3. If that schedule changes, we’ll post updates. Please note that all vacation applications that were on hand have been processed (checks have been mailed or soon will be), and any that arrive during the week between the…

Jersey City Hall Temporarily Closes

The hiring hall in Jersey City, New Jersey, is closed until Monday, Dec. 27, for precautionary reasons. The hall is reachable by phone during regular business hours. ###

SAB Action Announced

A new action by the Seafarers Appeals Board (SAB) means a formal return to business as usual when it comes to the Shipping Rules. Prior SAB actions temporarily amended the Shipping Rules in order to help meet manpower obligations during peak stretches of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those actions (numbers 480 and 481, respectively) are rescinded…

Updated Guidance Issued for Entering U.S.

Beginning Nov. 8, 2021, there are updated guidelines for flying to the United States. According to the State Department, “U.S. citizens and Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) who are eligible to travel but are not fully vaccinated will need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test one (1) day before their flight’s departure. U.S citizens…

Message from Maritime Labor

Click HERE for a PDF copy September 29, 2021 COVID-19 is here to stay. Our members aboard vessels remain in grave danger with the Delta variant on the loose. Many of our organizations have lost members to ravages of the disease; including some who have lost their lives while aboard ship. Several ships have had…

Wilmington Hall Closed Until Oct. 4

For precautionary reasons, the hiring hall in Wilmington, California is closed until Monday, October 4. The hall is still reachable by phone during regular business hours. ###

Exec. Board Message on Vaccine Mandate

The recent death of an unvaccinated SIU member from COVID-19 and the cancellation of a turbo activation involving a different SIU-crewed vessel due to a coronavirus outbreak have underscored the importance of vaccinations. As we’ve widely reported, there’s an October 1 COVID-19 vaccine mandate for crew members sailing aboard the union’s contracted vessels in the…

USCG: COVID-19 Safety Requirements Change

The following Marine Safety Information Bulletin was issued by the U.S. Coast Guard on September 2. COVID-19 Safety Requirements in the Maritime Transportation System: Change-3 The President issued Executive Order (13998), Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel requiring masks be worn on all “public maritime vessels, including ferries” to mitigate the risk of…

Details of MOU for Vaccine Mandate

The union and the American Maritime Association, in accordance with a recently announced arbitration decision, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for implementing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, effective October 1, 2021. The arbitrator’s decision was reported by the SIU HERE A related policy for the hiring halls, union headquarters and Piney Point was announced…

State Department Notice on Passport Services

The following notice was issued by the U.S. State Department. UPDATED NOTICE TO MARINERS WITH INTERNATIONAL VOYAGES Effective August 25, 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic continues to hamper Passport Services. To better serve mariners during this time we are updating our temporary provisions. These provisions are subject to change once operations are on a more normal…

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Important Message to Seafarers Concerning SIU Election (June 24, 2020) (message HERE)

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Jersey City Hall Closing (June 22, 2020) (message HERE)

July Meetings Cancelled (message HERE)

Paul Hall Center Reopens August 1 (message HERE) (PHC Health Questionnaire/Acknowledgement form HERE)

COVID-19 Pre-Entry Questionnaire Posted (message HERE, direct link to questionnaire HERE)

Hiring Halls to Reopen June 15 (June 4, 2020) (message HERE)

USCG: Extension of MMC Endorsements, Certificates (June 4, 2020) (message HERE)

Unions Call for Immediate Assistance with Overseas Crew Changes (May 28, 2020) (message HERE)

Updates on Crew Changes, June Meetings and More (May 27, 2020) (message HERE)

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Message to Seafarers Concerning Larger-Scale Resumption of Crew Changes (April 30, 2020) (message HERE)

NMC: Renewal Exams by Email (April 23, 2020)

SIU Election Message to All Members (April 17) (message HERE)

Message to Seafarers Concerning Upcoming Crew Changes (April 16, 2020) (message HERE)

TWIC Expiration Dates Extended (April 16, 2020) (article HERE)

State Department Passport Notice (April 14, 2020)

Seafarers 401(K) Plan adopts changes to help participants (article HERE)

The SIU’s May membership meetings have been cancelled (brief announcement HERE)

USCG: COVID-19 TWIC Operations

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USCG: Essential Maritime Workers

USCG: COVID-19 Drug Testing Compliance

National Maritime Center Update (March 30, 2020)

Important Mariner Credentials Update (March 30, 2020)

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