COVID-19 Safety Updates

Norfolk Hall Reopens

The hiring hall in Norfolk, Virginia, has reopened as of this morning (Thursday, March 25). The hall had been closed for precautionary reasons. ###

COVID-19 MSIB Updated

The U.S. Coast Guard recently issued the following update to Marine Safety Information Bulletin 02-21. For a PDF copy, click HERE. Both of the following links appear in the MSIB, but Seafarers are encouraged to check out the related Coast Guard FAQ HERE and the related CDC FAQ HERE. The CDC page requires some scrolling…

Norfolk Hall Closes for Precautionary Reasons

The hiring hall in Norfolk, Virginia, is closed until further notice (effective Tuesday morning, March 23), for precautionary reasons. Members can still reach the hall and conduct business by phone at (757) 622-1892. We’ll post an update when one is available. ###

IMO Posts Update on Crew Changes

The International Maritime Organization recently posted this update on the global crew-change crisis. It's available on the IMO website HERE. Crew change crisis is far from over and issues around vaccination need to be resolved. The crew change crisis caused by COVID-19 restrictions continues to cause challenges, despite some improvement in the numbers, the Secretary-General…

Coast Guard Aims to Assist with Crew Changes

The U.S. Coast Guard has issued the following Marine Safety Information Bulletin. It's available on the agency's website HERE. COVID-19 Crew Change Issues  The COVID-19 pandemic has significant impacts on the U.S. Marine Transportation System, the Global shipping industry and on seafarers themselves. Travel restrictions imposed by governments around the world have created significant hurdles…

Federal Committee: Prioritize Mariners for Vaccines

The United States Committee on the Marine Transportation System is calling for U.S. mariners to be reclassified to Phase 1(b) when it comes to prioritizing them for COVID-19 vaccination. The committee is a federal interagency coordinating group chaired by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation. They have published a “white paper” that’s linked HERE and that…

Notice to Seafarers Concerning Timing of Vaccines, TB Tests

The CDC recently issued guidance indicating that COVID-19 vaccines should not be delayed because of testing for TB infection. Testing for TB infection can be done before or at the same time as the COVID-19 vaccination. If it is not done at the same time, the TB test should be delayed for at least four…

SecDef: Vaccines ‘Safe and Effective’

The Defense Department has posted a video of DOD Secretary Lloyd Austin discussing COVID-19 vaccines. The video is available here: As provided by DOD, this is the text of the video: Hello there, I’m Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense. I wanted to speak with you today about the coronavirus … and about how we…

SIU Working with Gov’t, Companies on Mask Order Clarifications

The recent executive order concerning masks on public vessels and the related CDC guidance has caused some confusion in the industry. While vessel operators are within their rights to require masks to be worn at all times aboard their vessels, a number of our contracted companies are awaiting clarification from the federal government regarding the…

CDC Encourages ‘Prevention Tools’ Including Vaccines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has posted the following information. For a PDF version, click HERE. To access the COVID-19 section of the CDC website, click HERE. Vaccines (shots) are one of the tools we have to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. To stop this pandemic, we need to use all of our…

Wilmington Hall Update (July 13, 2020) (message HERE)

Message from Maritime Union Presidents (July 10, 2020) (message HERE)

Delay in Reopening of Houston Hall (July 9, 2020) (message HERE)

Regional Examination Center Closure Update (July 8, 2020) (message HERE)

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Wilmington Hall Closing (July 2, 2020) (message HERE)

Jersey Hall Reopening July 6 (message HERE)

Maersk Idaho Update (June 26, 2020) (message HERE)

Houston Hall Closing (June 26, 2020) (message HERE)

Important Message to Seafarers Concerning SIU Election (June 24, 2020) (message HERE)

Message to Seafarers Concerning Recent COVID-19 Cases, Ongoing Need for Vigilance (June 23, 2020) (message HERE)

Jersey City Hall Closing (June 22, 2020) (message HERE)

July Meetings Cancelled (message HERE)

Paul Hall Center Reopens August 1 (message HERE) (PHC Health Questionnaire/Acknowledgement form HERE)

COVID-19 Pre-Entry Questionnaire Posted (message HERE, direct link to questionnaire HERE)

Hiring Halls to Reopen June 15 (June 4, 2020) (message HERE)

USCG: Extension of MMC Endorsements, Certificates (June 4, 2020) (message HERE)

Unions Call for Immediate Assistance with Overseas Crew Changes (May 28, 2020) (message HERE)

Updates on Crew Changes, June Meetings and More (May 27, 2020) (message HERE)

USNS Grumman News Plus Other Updates (May 14, 2020) (message HERE)

SHBP Brief (May 5, 2020) (message HERE)

Message to Seafarers Concerning Larger-Scale Resumption of Crew Changes (April 30, 2020) (message HERE)

NMC: Renewal Exams by Email (April 23, 2020)

SIU Election Message to All Members (April 17) (message HERE)

Message to Seafarers Concerning Upcoming Crew Changes (April 16, 2020) (message HERE)

TWIC Expiration Dates Extended (April 16, 2020) (article HERE)

State Department Passport Notice (April 14, 2020)

Seafarers 401(K) Plan adopts changes to help participants (article HERE)

The SIU’s May membership meetings have been cancelled (brief announcement HERE)

USCG: COVID-19 TWIC Operations

For an update from Seafarers Health and Benefits Plan (April 2), click HERE

USCG: Essential Maritime Workers

USCG: COVID-19 Drug Testing Compliance

National Maritime Center Update (March 30, 2020)

Important Mariner Credentials Update (March 30, 2020)

American Steamship Company’s restriction-to-ship communication is located HERE.

A message from SIU President Michael Sacco to Seafarers is available HERE

A detailed update (originally posted March 20) from the SIU is located HERE.

For the latest guidance and news from the U.S. Coast Guard, click here.