Members Approve Crowley Contract


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Seafarers sailing aboard Crowley Towing & Transportation vessels have recently agreed to a new contract that provides a wide variety of gains for SIU members. The new four-year agreement has been ratified by the membership. 


The contract gives workers at Crowley Towing & Transportation pay increases for each of the four years that the agreement is effective. The company also agreed to reimburse boatmen for purchasing safety equipment and uniforms for their work. In addition, the company has altered its holiday transportation policy and will now pay for up to two checked bags when they fly home. 


The negotiating committee also arranged for shipwreck compensation from the company and secured additional contributions to the Seafarers Pension Plan based on days worked. Additionally, the bargaining team gained wage increases for repair workmen and for barge riders. 


The agreement went into effect retroactive to July 1.


One of the most important elements of this contract for SIU members is that nothing was given back, in spite of tough economic times and other external elements that are challenging the industry. 


“This is a great contract for all involved,” said SIU Vice President Contracts George Tricker. “It’s important to note that not only was the negotiating committee able to not make any concessions, but we were also able to make some pretty substantial gains. This is a great contract that provides security for the future.”


Tricker also noted that the smoothness of the negotiations is a testament to the solid working relationship between the union and the company. 


“The rank-and-file members who served on the negotiating committee fought hard for their brothers’ and sisters’ interests while, at the same time, making it clear to the company that they’re all committed to success,” said Tricker. “This is a job well done for everyone.” 


Assistant Vice President Archie Ware, who also served on the negotiating committee, agreed with Tricker’s assessment. 


“The SIU delegates and our officials did a great job in these negotiations, fighting hard each step of the way,” said Ware. “We’ve accomplished a great deal in these past few weeks and I think we’ve walked away with something we can all be proud of and happy with.” 


In addition to Tricker and Ware, the SIU negotiating committee consisted of Port Agent Jeff Turkus, Port Agent Mike Russo, and delegates Ted Caffy, Roger Eastwood, Kyle Sweep, Roger Stewart, Craig Perry, and Satchel Caffy. Crowley representatives included Lee Egland, Lee McGuire, Sandy Teng, Ira Douglas, Chris Peterson, and Jeremiah Stokes. 




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