AMMV Organization Belongs to All Mariners


September 2015


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A former SIU member is the new president of the American Merchant Marine Veterans, and he is spreading the word that AMMV membership is open to all U.S. mariners and their allies, not just those who sailed during World War II.


“The point we really want to get across to the younger generation of mariners is that the AMMV is your organization,” said Capt. Chris Edyvean, an SIU hawsepiper who sailed with the union from 1992-2006. “We are still slugging it out trying to gain benefits and recognition for the World War II guys who founded the AMMV in 1984, but now we have expanded our goals… We are recognizing all U.S. mariners, in peace and war, from the Revolutionary War right up to today’s ongoing war on terror.”


A new website ( contains information on how to join the organization. There’s a way to sign up online and there is also a printable membership application that can be sent via regular mail. A number of SIU retirees belong to the AMMV chapters across the country.


Edyvean, a graduate of the apprentice program at the SIU-affiliated Paul Hall Center, stressed that the older members of the AMMV “are looking to hand down the torch to a younger generation who will continue to promote public awareness of the role which the U.S. Merchant Marine has played in our nation’s history. Thus, Project/Operation Survival is what the AMMV is calling its efforts to remain a viable maritime organization moving forward into the future.”


He added that the organization supports the Jones Act, the Maritime Security Program, cargo preference “and anything else that serves to promote the U.S. Merchant Marine.”


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