TOTE Reveals Plans To Establish New U.S. Mainland to Hawaii Service


October 2017


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Seafarers-contracted TOTE in mid-August announced that it is planning to establish a new domestic shipping service to Hawaii. The company is working with Philly Shipyard to construct four new, environmentally advanced containerships, custom-built for the trade.


In the Aug. 18 news release, TOTE noted, “This week began conversations to secure the new deep-water Kapalama Container Terminal in Honolulu for TOTE, a critical step in making the new service a reality…. For more than 40 years, TOTE and its operating companies have provided dedicated service to Alaska and Puerto Rico. As part of its commitment and stewardship of the communities it serves, the company has invested more than $600 million to convert its ships to run on natural gas, making its fleet the most environmentally friendly in the U.S.”


“TOTE is excited to bring our best-in-class service to the people of Hawaii,” said Anthony Chiarello, the company’s president and CEO. “TOTE’s presence on the islands will provide market stability and introduce new environmentally advanced vessels that will greatly benefit the islands.”


While specifying that a “commitment for terminal space in Honolulu is needed to move the new venture forward,” the company also said the new vessels would enter service in early 2020 and 2021.


“TOTE’s commitment is to provide superior service for our customers as well as the communities we serve, ensuring that goods arrive on time week in and week out,” Chiarello added. “TOTE will bring the same commitment to our Hawaii operations to ensure maritime transportation is industry leading.”


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