Training Record Book SAB 398 Rescinded


December 2016


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The Seafarers Appeals Board acting under and pursuant to the collective bargaining agreement between the Union and various signatory Contracted Employers hereby takes the following action.


WHEREAS, Seafarers Appeals Board Action No. 398 was promulgated to require all mariners involved in the Deep Sea shipping industry to possess a training record book for registration and shipping in accordance with International Maritime Organization and U.S. Coast Guard provisions; and


WHEREAS, due to the ever-evolving documentation procedures for training and assessments, the training record book requirement for registration purposes has become obsolete. New documentation as contained and monitored by the U.S. Coast Guard shall replace the Training Record Book at the time of registration.


NOW THEREFORE, with the aforementioned conditions in mind. the requirements of Action No. 398 are no longer applicable and the Board hereby terminates such Action.


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