SIU Welcomes New Kirby Tug


August 2016


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Union members and officials helped celebrate the christening in New Orleans


The union was out in force for the recent christening of the state-of-the-art tug Tina Pyne in New Orleans. Members and officials helped welcome the new tonnage on June 30.


Built by Nichols Brothers of Freeland, Washington, the Tina Pyne is part of the SIU-contracted Penn Maritime fleet. Penn is a Kirby subsidiary that normally operates up to 15 tugboats and barges primarily moving asphalt in the Gulf region. The company employs approximately 200 SIU members.


The 136-foot-long boat is coupled with the barge Kirby 185-02, which was built in 2015 by Gunderson Marine of Portland, Oregon. The barge is 578 feet long and has a capacity of 185,000 barrels.


The rotating SIU crew of the Tina Pyne (many of whom were in attendance at the ceremony) includes Mates Lindsey Sikora and Adam Sparr, Second Mates Kim Duplantis Jr. and Ed Melvin Jr., Third Mates Tom Feeney and Chris Morgan, Engineers Jim Olsen and Erik Haik, Assistant Engineers Thomas Walsh, Warren Kelly, Brad Singletary and Jason Goodman, Lead Tankermen Mike Lyons and Cole Morgan, and Deckhands Ryan Taylor, William Sullivan, Christopher Braswell and Mark du Molin.


SIU officials on hand for the christening included Secretary-Treasurer David Heindel, Vice President Gulf Coast Dean Corgey, Vice President Atlantic Coast Joseph Soresi and Port Agents Chris Westbrook and Mike Russo.


The Tina Pyne is named after the wife of Kirby Chairman Joe Pyne. The boat is powered by two, 16-cylinder diesel engines. The twin-screw tug is rated at 10,000 horsepower.


Around this time last year, SIU crews at Penn Maritime overwhelmingly approved a three-year contract that features yearly wage increases while maintaining medical and pension benefits.



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