Finance Committee Approves 2014 Records


May 2015


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A group of rank-and-file Seafarers in early April reviewed and approved the union’s financial records for 2014.


The members handled their tasks in accordance with Article X, Section 14-c of the SIU Constitution, which lists the duties of the annual financial committee along with rules and procedures for electing the group.


This year’s committee was elected at the April membership meeting in Piney Point, Maryland. That same week, they travelled to SIU headquarters in Camp Springs, Maryland, where they reviewed the union’s financial records for the previous calendar year.


After closely examining that paperwork, the committee completed a report that will be read in all ports and presented for approval at the union’s May membership meetings. The report also has been submitted to the secretary- treasurer’s office.


Serving on the committee were John Wells (chairman), Archie Eldridge Jr., Sherman Hudson, Donald Lumpkins, Daniel Marcus, Robert Ott, Timothy Pillsworth and (sitting in as an alternate) Thomas Cyrus.


In its report, the committee stated, “We do hereby state that we have examined the procedure for controlling of the funds of the union and have found that the system of internal control is adequate to safeguard them properly…. We find that the headquarters of the union is taking all steps possible to safeguard union funds and to see that the disbursements of the union are in accordance with the authority delegated to them and that, at the same time, there is a striving effort to increase day-to-day efficiency of our operation.”



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