Tips Can Make Clinic Services Easier


March 2015


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As previously reported beginning in June 2014, SIU members have had the option of scheduling clinic exam services online.


One option to streamline the exam process is to order your medical exams and drug screen through your portal account.


-- Make sure that you have set up an account and that you have access to your password. If you need your password reset, email your request to and put “password reset” in the subject line.


If you have not established a portal account, click HERE and then click on “register for a Member Portal Account”. You will need to fill in your Social Security number and date of birth.


-- You can order and schedule appointments within 60 days of the current expiration date.


-- Once you have submitted the order online, a representative from CHS will contact you to schedule your appointment at a clinic convenient for you.


-- Copies of your exams will be displayed as “PDF” files on your portal screen once the fitness determination has been received. You can print them for your use from this screen.


If the exams that you need are not displayed on the “Medical” tab, please contact the medical department at:



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