SIU Jobs Secure on T-AGOS, T-AGM Ships


January 2015


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The Department of Defense (DOD) in late November announced a contract award that
translates into continued job security for SIU members. Seafarers-contracted Crowley has
been selected as the new operator of five TAGOS vessels and two T-AGM ships. Counting
a series of one-year options, the operating contract extends through November 2019.

The T-AGOS fleet includes the USNS Impeccable, USNS Victorious, USNS Effective,
USNS Loyal and USNS Able, while the T-AGM ships are the USNS Invincible and USNS Lorenzen. They are currently operated by SIU-contracted Maersk Line, Limited.

In making the announcement, the DOD noted, “This fleet supports the Navy’s surveillance
towed array sensor system, the U.S. Air Force’s dual-band, phased array and parabolic
dish radars, and other government research missions.”


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