ATC’s Mathur Receives Award


August 2015


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The head of an SIU-contracted company recently received a prestigious award for consistently safe operations.


Anil Mathur, CEO of Alaska Tanker Company (ATC) earned the Pacific States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force 2015 Legacy Award for Oil Spill Prevention, Preparedness, and Response. He received the award June 18 at a conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, as did a handful of other honorees.


The awards program was created by the task force “to recognize and support model oil spill prevention, preparedness, and response programs throughout the Pacific region,” according to the organization’s website.


In a letter nominating Mathur, Rich Berkowitz, director of Pacific Coast operations for the Transportation Institute, noted, “Mr. Mathur exemplifies the chief executive we would welcome leading any firm whose core mission, moving crude oil from the North Pacific in extreme climate conditions, is fraught with risk, danger, and high expectations. He values environmental safety and the life safety of his crew above all else. For Anil this is not some catch phrase, fleeting management trend, or puffery for the corporate annual report. It is fundamentally ingrained in the way he leads, communicates, compensates, measures, and strategizes. Moreover, he has the numbers to prove it! Alaska Tanker Company is, arguably, the safest tanker company in the world. For the past dozen years they have safely transported well over a billion barrels of crude oil from Alaska to coastal refineries without a single drop of oil to sea. Further, ATC has completed over 12 years and over 18 million hours of operations with only one lost-time injury (a finger injury).”


Berkowitz added, “Although Anil will always refer to the support and partnerships he seeks and maintains with his employees, crew, officers, regulators, owner companies, suppliers, and board as the reason for this astonishing record, it simply would not have been achieved without the consistent leadership and focus he has personally brought to this enterprise. Mathur’s people know to always err on the side of caution – no matter the cost.”


He also cited daily safety meetings aboard the SIU-crewed ATC ships as an important factor in the company’s safety record.


Mathur previously has been honored by the U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Energy, American Society of Safety Engineers, National Safety Council, and the AFL-CIO’s Maritime Trades Department, among others.


The other 2015 Legacy Award winners are Ike Ikerd, general manager, Clean Seas LLC; Michael Moore, vice president, Pacific Merchant Shipping Association; Earl Nishikawa, fire chief, Chevron Hawaii; Stafford Reid, principal, EnviroEmerg Consulting; and Tesoro Maritime Company.



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