Starlight Marine Crews Approve 5-Year Contract


October 2014


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SIU boatmen employed by Starlight Marine on the West Coast recently ratified a new five-year contract that calls for annual wage increases and other gains.


The agreement covers approximately 30 Seafarers who work aboard six harbor towing boats in San Francisco and the Puget Sound area.


“Both sides negotiated in good faith to achieve a fair and sustainable contract,” said SIU Assistant Vice President Nick Celona. “This was a very detailed series of negotiations throughout the month of July. We want Starlight Marine to continue to grow and be more and more profitable so we can grow and be profitable with them.”


Celona served on the SIU negotiating team along with Vice President West Coast Nick Marrone and members Bryan Wynn and Mike Limon.


“The final vote was overwhelmingly supportive,” Celona added. “I think the contract is something everyone can be proud of, and the company deserves credit for showing respect and appreciation for the members throughout the negotiations.”


In addition to the wage gains, the contract boosts reimbursement rates for transportation, maintains benefits under the Seafarers Pension Plan, and improves certain work rules. It also contains provisions that should limit any increases in out-of-pocket expenses for health benefits.


According to the company, which is a subsidiary of Harley Marine, “Starlight vessels are fitted with the latest in deck gear, electronics, and navigation equipment to meet federal and state regulatory standards and to meet or exceed the industry standards of the American Waterways Operators Responsible Carrier Program. Starlight’s professional operators and deck crews are among the finest and most experienced‚Ķ.”



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