New Ship Marjorie C Launched


October 2014


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New SIU jobs are on the way following the recent launch of Pasha Hawaii’s MV Marjorie C, the largest ship ever constructed at VT Halter Marine, Inc. in Pascagoula, Mississippi.


The 692-foot-long vessel, a combination container/roll-on/roll-off (ConRo) ship, is slated to enter the Jones Act trade by year’s end. Operated for Pasha by Tote Services, Inc., it will offer service between Hawaii and the West Coast along with its SIU-crewed sister ship, the Jean Anne, which began sailing in 2005.


“Although our industry faces no shortage of challenges, domestic shipping and domestic shipbuilding are going strong,” stated SIU Vice President Contracts George Tricker. “The Marjorie C reflects confidence in the Jones Act, in our crews and shipbuilders, and best of all it means new job opportunities for Seafarers.”


The Jones Act is a critical foundation of the U.S. maritime industry – one that has always enjoyed strong bipartisan backing. Enacted almost a century ago, it requires that cargo moving between domestic ports be carried on vessels that are crewed, built, flagged and owned American.


Detailed studies have proven that the Jones Act helps sustain nearly 500,000 American jobs while pumping billions of dollars each year into the U.S. economy. It also plays a key role in national security, in part by helping maintain a reliable pool of well-trained, U.S.-citizen mariners as well as a solid American shipbuilding capability.


According to the shipbuilder, the Marjorie C “has the ability to carry 1,500 TEUs, above and under deck, as well as vehicles and [oversized] cargoes on 10 workable decks.” It has a shipping capacity of 2,750 units, and its design “incorporates the highest level of operating efficiencies as well as reduced environmental impacts.”


When the ship was launched Aug. 8, Pasha Hawaii President and CEO George Pasha IV said, “Launching Marjorie C is a huge and exciting milestone for us. We’re thankful for the many hard-working people involved in her creation, and, while we’re quite eager to get her into service, our immediate focus will be on testing and commissioning her systems.”


Bill Skinner, CEO of the shipbuilder, said, “This is a great accomplishment for VT Halter Marine. We are very much appreciative of this opportunity to build such a magnificent ship for such a great company as Pasha Hawaii.”


The Marjorie C has a beam of 106 feet and can sail at 21.5 knots. It has a crane capacity of 40 metric tons.



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