Union Backs ‘Military to Maritime’ Event


October 2014


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SIU officials, including Vice President Gulf Coast Dean Corgey, Assistant Vice President Jim McGee, Manpower Director Bart Rogers and Patrolman Joe Zavala, took part in a well-attended recruiting event Sept. 3 in Houston designed to help military veterans find maritime jobs.


Sponsored by the key coalition American Maritime Partnership (AMP), to which the SIU is affiliated, and hosted by the Port of Houston, the “Military to Maritime” event was the third such gathering this year. Previous meetings took place in Puerto Rico and Jacksonville, Florida.


More than 400 veterans attended the Houston career fair, which received substantial press coverage both locally and on cable television network CNBC. The SIU and its affiliated Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education (which offers a program for veterans) were featured in related news articles and on CNBC, which conducted interviews at the school in Piney Point, Maryland.


AMP described the Military to Maritime series as “part of a national program to help connect the nation’s servicemen and women with jobs in the American maritime industry that support families and build communities. The domestic maritime industry’s goal is to provide the more than 720,000 servicemen and women out of work with an opportunity to maximize their professional strengths.”


Participants in Houston had the opportunity to meet with recruiters, human resources staff and other representatives from more than 50 organizations, including SIU-contracted companies. They attended seminars on marine licensing and transition, took vessel tours, and visited with crew members and industry personnel who are veterans and who have made the transition to the maritime industry.


While the event’s main purpose was helping veterans find maritime jobs, the publicity also underscored the industry’s importance to Texas and to America’s overall economic and national security. The domestic maritime industry alone, for example, supports almost 500,000 U.S. jobs across the country and has an annual economic impact of nearly $100 billion. Additionally, according to AMP, Texas ranks third among all states with more than 39,000 domestic maritime industry jobs – employment that accounts for an annual $7.8 billion contribution to the state’s economy.



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