Midnight Sun Mariners Enjoy Labor Day BBQ


November 2014


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It’s definitely not an everyday sight, but a captain in the galley of the Tote Services vessel
Midnight Sun has become a Labor Day tradition.


“We call him Captain Cook,” said Chief Cook Sal Ahmed in a letter to the Seafarers LOG. “Our captain, Mr. Daniel J. Severino, gave us a break relief this Labor Day. He stepped into the galley and did all the meats, cutting and marinating. He then grilled them, as he’s done before on previous holidays. He did a great job as always, and everyone appreciated his efforts and had a good time.”

Ahmed also conveyed the crew’s thanks to Bosun Fadel Saleh, who helped set up and take
down the grill.

“As usual, we had lots of good stuff on the menu,” Ahmed added. “There were steaks, barbecued chicken, hot dogs and more. We had an open table full of goodies.”

Ahmed concluded by saying the mariners generally remain in good spirits throughout their voyages, not just on special occasions.

“It’s really a wonderful ship,” he noted. “We have a veteran bosun who treats every crew member with respect. We have a great steward gang under the supervision of Recertified Steward Chris Amigable, and together we make sure everybody is well-fed. Our thanks also go to the SIU officials for helping provide great opportunities for us to be here as merchant mariners.”

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