Spirits High at NJ Hall’s Ceremonial Opening


November 2014


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SIU members, staff and officials have been settling into the new union hall in Jersey City, New Jersey, for a while, but the facility’s ceremonial opening Oct. 7 offered a chance both to formally christen the building at 104 Broadway and to share in the camaraderie of an upbeat gathering.


More than 200 people turned out for the opening, which followed the almost equally packed October membership meeting. Most in the crowd were SIU members, but it also included local and state politicians, officials from the New Jersey State AFL-CIO, and executives from Seafarerscontracted companies.


SIU headquarters officials made the trip and participated both in the membership meeting and the ceremony. They included President Michael Sacco, Executive Vice President Augie Tellez, Secretary-Treasurer David Heindel, and Vice President Contracts George Tricker. Seafarers Plans Administrator Maggie Bowen also took part in the day’s events.


The SIU relocated from Brooklyn to Jersey City in mid-June, marking the first time in the union’s 76-year history it doesn’t have a formal presence in New York City. While no move of this magnitude goes off without a hitch, membership feedback concerning the new hall has been overwhelmingly positive – and that pattern continued at last month’s ceremony.


“It’s better than what I expected and the neighborhood is better than I thought it would be,” said AB Bill Rackley. “The hall is clean and roomy. The Wi-Fi is the best part…. This is a better area. You get so attached for years in Brooklyn, but times change.”


Chief Steward Glenn Bamman stated, “It’s a nice hall and it’s good that there are two floors for the members (including a lounge on the bottom level). I don’t have anything negative to say. Everything is okay.”


AB Thommie Hampton added, “It’s very nice, roomy and well put together. The setting is good and it’s easier to get to. I think it’s good for all the members.”

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