Donations Come in for Piney Point Walkway


May 2013


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Engraved Bricks to Commemorate Seafarers, Family, Others


Spots have begun filling up as people from around the country donate the engraved bricks that will line a walkway commemorating Seafarers and their loved ones.


Offered as a way to honor individuals, groups and organizations within the maritime community, the bricks will fill a waterfront park at the Paul Hall Center’s Lundeberg School in Piney Point, Md. Seafarers, their loved ones and the companies that employ them have the chance to donate the bricks and engrave them with text or logos of their choosing. The donation of a brick also comes with an entry in the project’s name-the-park contest.


The possibilities are practically limitless when it comes to what the bricks can be used to commemorate. Bricks can be engraved to honor any person, group or organization – regardless of any affiliation to the SIU or Piney Point school – and will have a permanent place within the maritime community. They could be used to celebrate everything from a beloved Seafarer or a memorable crew, to a remarkable instructor or a heroic rescue.


Bill Eglinton, a retired director of vocational training at the Paul Hall Center, said he wanted to commemorate his late friend, Recertified Steward Luis Escobar.


“It will be a memorial for us,” Eglinton said. “I’m at the school regularly, so I’ll get to go often and reminisce.”


Aside from helping to commemorate loved ones, the brick donations will also help the school in its waterfront restoration project. The park and walkway are part of a large, multi-stage restoration of the school.


Seafarers Plans Administrator Maggie Bowen, who is helping oversee the project, said the engraved bricks “offer a chance to honor our heritage and keep it alive. This is a great opportunity not only to preserve SIU and school history, but also to acknowledge individuals and organizations. In fact, that’s true even if they have no direct tie to Piney Point or the Seafarers – a brick can be donated for anyone.”


The bricks come in two sizes and may be ordered online at:


The sizes include a traditional-sized brick (4 x 8 inches x 2.25) with three lines of engraving for a donation of $125 and a larger brick (8 x 8 inches x 2.25) with six lines of engraving for a donation of $250. The larger version also may be ordered with a corporate logo and up to three lines of text (subject to space limitations based on the logo) for a donation of $300. If submitting a logo, please note that it cannot be sent through the online order form. Logos (either in EPS, AI, PDF or high-resolution JPG, BMP or TIF format) should be emailed to Please include your contact information.



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