Global Sentinel Crew Turns Fluky Find Into Heartfelt Philanthropic Opportunity


March 2013


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Editor’s note: The crew of the Tyco cable ship Global Sentinel submitted the following article and the pendant photo above. We added the crew list; any omissions are inadvertent.


On January 23, 2013 on board the cable ship Global Sentinel, home-ported in Portland, Oregon, the two pendants pictured with this story were found by Bosun Mate Rayann Williams. The pendants fell out of a pajama shirt pocket from a bundle of cut-up rags purchased and delivered from ashore for the deck department’s use.


Bosun Mate Williams showed the discovery to ship’s Bosun Tim Fogg. Noting the obvious wear and aging of the pendants, the bosun became curious enough to research them on the internet. Tim discovered their origins were from the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls located in Chicago. He further discovered the pendants were cast and distributed between 1887 and 1962.


Tim contacted the home, informing them of the discovery and checking any possibility of returning them to the owner. He was informed the pendants were received by financial donors and that locating an owner would be impossible.


With the wonderment of how the pendants managed to make onto the ship to be discovered, he decided to continue their journey and add a purpose to it. He started up a collection for the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls and gathered $450 in donations from the ship’s crew and officers. He once again contacted the home (this time by mail), returning the pendants and the money collected for donation.


God Bless,

From the Crew of the CS Global Sentinel


Seafarers aboard the ship included Recertified Bosun Fogg, Bosun Mate Williams, AB Justin Beal, OS Rizalito Frigillana, Chief Electrician Lothar Wick, OMUs Kenneth Adams, Johnny Carson, Manuel Lata and Bryan Field, MDR Douglas Rogers, GVAs Ahmed Shamman and Diomedes Vigo, Chief Steward Vicki Haggerty, Chief Cook Robert Haggertyand SA Abdullah Nasser.



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