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July 2013


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Seafarers-contracted TOTE, Inc. early last month became the first U.S. business to take home the Next Generation Shipping award at the Nor-Shipping conference, a high-profile international maritime forum. The company was recognized for its liquefied natural gas-powered (LNG) containerships, ordered late last year and scheduled for delivery in 2015.


TOTE announced the honor June 7, at the end of the four-day gathering in Oslo, Norway. An independent panel including representatives from the International Maritime Organization, The Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute and other groups selected honorees for several awards.


Construction of the LNG-powered vessels will take place at General Dynamics NASSCO in San Diego – a union shipyard. TOTE’s order is for at least two ships and includes options for up to three additional ones.


“To say we are both honored and humbled by this prestigious internationally recognized award would be a significant understatement,” said Anthony Chiarello, TOTE’s president and CEO. “The team at TOTE, along with our partners at NASSCO, has spent many months working on this project, which we believe will have a lasting impact on our industry and the future of ship design. While we are proud to be the first-ever ship owner to construct LNG-powered container vessels, we are quite confident we will most certainly not be the last.”


The conference takes place every other year, and the awards recognize achievement in three areas: energy efficiency, innovative ship design and young entrepreneurship. With a focus on innovation, the Next Generation Shipping award honors the most promising design for ships that will be at sea in the coming decade. According to TOTE, “The award is given to the ship project demonstrating the greatest advances in design, as assessed with respect to energy efficiency, innovation, suitability and flexibility, technology utilization, safety and security, and environmental sustainability.”


The LNG-powered vessels will operate in the Jones Act market between Jacksonville, Fla., and San Juan, P.R. Each will be 764 feet long, with capacity of 3,100 20-foot-equivalent units (TEU). Construction of the first ship is slated to begin in March 2014.


LNG fuel is projected to reduce ship emissions “95 percent below even the world’s most stringent air quality standards,” TOTE reported. “LNG will virtually eliminate sulfur dioxide and particulate matter, and results in reductions of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide beyond any other fuel source.”




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