Port Council Honors Anil Mathur


July 2013


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The strong relationship between American maritime labor and Seafarers-contracted Alaska Tanker Company (ATC) was highlighted May 30 as ATC President and CEO Anil Mathur was honored with the Puget Sound Maritime Trades Port Council’s 2013 Labor-Management Award.


Presented to Mathur in Seattle by SIU Tacoma Port Agent Joe Vincenzo, the award recognized Mathur’s “deep appreciation for and promotion of maritime commerce, safe marine practices, and progressive operations/labor relations on the waterfront.”


In his introductory remarks, Vincenzo said Mathur was well-known and respected for his focus on safety and his dedication to ensuring mariners get the training and opportunities earned by their hard work.


“If you looked at his bio, you might think someone who’s a graduate of Harvard Business School and who also has an engineering degree would look at seagoing operations as just a series of numbers and calculations and schedules. But that is not who Anil is,” Vincenzo said. “He is a compassionate leader, someone whose authority and leadership is respected even while being a true friend to his employees.”


Mathur has served as ATC’s president and CEO for more than 13 years. During that time, the company – which has four state-of-the-art, SIU-crewed tankers carrying crude oil from Alaska to the West Coast – has moved nearly a billion barrels without spilling a single drop of oil into the sea. Its safety record leads the industry and the company has only had one lost-time injury (a finger injury) over the past 11 years.


“Alaska Tanker Company has a well-earned, long-term, richly deserved identity as a safe operator every time, all the time,” Vincenzo said. “Just today I was talking with a chief steward in the ATC fleet and he said that Anil was adamant about safety and by that he meant, and I quote, ‘[Anil] really wants you to go home in one piece, the same way you came to the ship.’”


That kind of leadership, said Vince O’Halloran, president of Puget Sound Maritime Trades Port Council, is something to look up to.


“Anil is the kind of leader all of us working on the waterfront admire,” O’Halloran said. “He is committed to running his operation in a manner that respects the environment and the safety of his crews. He wants his people to come home to their families in as good shape as when they left – and they do, despite the often harsh environments in which they earn a living.”


Touching on those harsh conditions and ATC’s impressive ability to hold such a high safety standard despite them, Vincenzo quoted Mathur himself.


“It is one thing to preach safety in the controlled environment we experience in our onshore offices,” Mathur said. “It is quite another to deliver predictable, safe and environmentally sound operations day-in and day-out, in every job, in the harsh environment of our trade, for well over a decade.”


That commitment to safety and the wellbeing of his employees, Vincenzo added, not only exemplifies why Mathur was given the award; it also defines his legacy.


“If you ask anyone to name the first thing that comes to mind when they hear Anil’s name, they’ll all say the same word: safety,” Vincenzo said. “He cares about every single man and woman on those ships and about the loved ones they go home to when the voyage is done.”




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