Reminders Concerning Credentials


July 2013


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Officials in the union’s manpower office are offering members some reminders regarding the maintenance of merchant mariner credentials (MMC).


It is especially important that new endorsement stickers are placed on the next empty MMC page and added in order as numbered by the National Maritime Center (NMC). Do NOT place new endorsement stickers on pages that already have endorsements or writing on them.


Please read the instructions provided by the NMC prior to adding your stickers. Also, mariners should NEVER cover up anything in their MMC with new stickers. If a mariner puts stickers over a page that already contains a sticker, their MMC is automatically void and he/she cannot ship on it until a duplicate is issued by the NMC.


Manpower officials therefore urge members to take great care when adding new endorsement stickers to their credentials, making sure that they are affixed properly. Anyone requiring assistance should contact their local port agent or the admissions office at the Paul Hall Center.


In addition, mariners should be sure that they are aware of what endorsements they currently hold in their MMCs, both international and domestic. This is extremely important when renewing MMCs with the Coast Guard. Be sure to check any newly issued MMC for errors which may occur in issuance. Mariners who notice an error should contact the NMC as soon as possible at 888- 427-5662.




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