Committee Anounces Union Election Results


February 2013


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A committee of rank-and-file SIU members recently released its official report on the voting for national officers of the Atlantic, Gulf, Lakes and Inland Waters District. Voting took place Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, 2012.


The union’s tallying committee consisted of 20 Seafarers (two members elected from each of the SIU’s 10 constitutional halls). The group certified the reelections of Michael Sacco as president of the SIU; Augie Tellez as the union’s executive vice president; David Heindel as secretary-treasurer; and George Tricker as vice president of contracts and contract enforcement, among other results.


The tallying committee’s report will be submitted for approval by the membership at union meetings in March.


Additionally, the committee reported that the two proposed constitutional amendments were approved by very large majorities. One amendment concerned the official name of the union, while the other modified old language because of changes in U.S. law.


 According to the report, the contested race for office also was decided by a large margin. The committee disclosed the election of the following officers, who will serve four-year terms:


  • Michael Sacco, president;

  • Augie Tellez, executive vice president;

  • David Heindel, secretary-treasurer

  • George Tricker, contracts and contract enforcement vice president;

  • Joseph Soresi, Atlantic Coast vice president;

  • Dean Corgey, Gulf Coast vice president;

  • Nick Marrone, West Coast vice president;

  • Tom Orzechowski, Southern Region, Great Lakes and inland waters vice president;

  • Kermett Mangram, Government Services and fishing industries vice president;

  • Archie Ware, assistant vice president in charge of contracts and contract enforcement;

  • Nick Celona, assistant vice president in charge of the Atlantic Coast;

  • Ambrose Cucinotta, assistant vice president in charge of the Gulf Coast;

  • Bryan Powell, assistant vice president in charge of the West Coast;

  • Jim McGee, assistant vice president in charge of the Southern Region, Great Lakes and inland waters;

  • Chester Wheeler, assistant vice president in charge of Government Services and fishing industries;

  • Pat Vandegrift, Piney Point port agent;

  • Robert Selzer, New York port agent;

  • Joe Baselice, Philadelphia port agent;

  • Georg Kenny, Baltimore port agent;

  • Jimmy White, Mobile port agent;

  • Chris Westbrook, New Orleans port agent;

  • Michael Russo, Houston port agent;

  • Tracey Mayhew, Oakland port agent;

  • Becky Sleeper, St. Louis port agent;

  • Todd Brdak, Algonac port agent.


The committee arrived on Jan. 5 as required under the union’s constitution and met during the week of Jan. 7 at the union’s headquarters in Camp Springs, Md. John Cain and Louella Sproul served as co-chairs, and they both credited fellow Seafarers for working hard and doing a good job.


The full committee consisted of Glenn Williams and Thomas Cyrus from Piney Point; Michael Keogh and Jeffery Eckhart from Algonac; Susanne Cake and George Mazzola from Baltimore; Cain and Rafael Pereira from Houston; Michael Congress and Kennard Campbell from Mobile; Jack McElveen and Johney August from New Orleans; Carlos Sanchez and Cleofe Castro from New York; Sproul and Roger Reinke from Oakland; Rodger Taylor and Robert Weinhardt from Philadelphia; and Charlotte Tuggle and Darryl Alexander from St. Louis.


Those Seafarers noted that they unanimously signed off on the report, adding, “All of the members of the committee wish to express their deep appreciation for the cooperation and assistance given to us by the union’s legal department and its technical and clerical staff. Finally, the members of the union tallying committee wish to congratulate the elected officers and jobholders. We extend our best wishes for the next four years. We hope that you will carry on the tradition of our union and advance the strength of the maritime industry.”



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