NY Waterway Crew Plucks 3 from Harbor


May 2012


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Seafarers working for NY Waterway were part of a rescue in the New York Harbor near Liberty Island on April 6. Captain Mohamed Gouda and Deckhand Marquis Mainor responded to an overturned tugboat that left three people in the frigid waters.


After doing a scheduled drop-off on Wall Street, the NY Waterway vessel was returning to New Jersey. Shortly after departing, Gouda noticed a capsized tugboat (the Katherine G.) turned on its side, and three people floating in the water.  Gouda and Mainor quickly jumped into action and lowered a rescue device into the water which was used to pull the stranded victims aboard the vessel.


“I approached them and my deckhand (Mainor) lowered the Jason’s Cradle,” said Gouda in an interview with a local radio station, 1010 WINS.  “We were able to pick them up safely and bring them to safety.”


The three people pulled from the water were sent to area hospitals for evaluation. None of the three suffered life-threatening injuries and all are expected to make a full recovery, according to news sources.


This isn’t the first time Gouda has participated in a rescue in New York Harbor. He was one of the first responders to the Flight 1549 crash landing known as the “Miracle on the Hudson.” On Jan. 15, 2009, a passenger jet that just took off from nearby LaGuardia Airport crossed paths with a flock of geese, resulting in engine failure. The plane landed safely in the water, but also stranded 155 people in the middle of the freezing cold river. Gouda and his fellow Seafarers are credited with saving 143 people that day.


In addition to the Miracle on the Hudson, NY Waterway vessels and their SIU crews took part in the evacuation of lower Manhattan after the 9/11 attacks.


Mainor credits his quick-thinking and life-saving actions in this most recent rescue to the training he’s received over the years.


“We prepare for things like this to happen,” said Mainor in an interview with CBS New York. “We didn’t know it was going to happen today, but it happens.”


Gouda agrees that the unpredictability is all in a day’s work for Seafarers.

“Another day, another adventure,” Gouda told 1010 WINS.



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