New Contract Secured with Great Lakes Dredge and Dock


April 2012


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Seafarers employed at the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company have overwhelmingly approved a new contract that features some significant gains, as well as maintaining important benefits. The three-year pact is being hailed as a win-win for both the members and the company.


The agreement calls for wage increases in each of the three years of the contract and the maintenance of benefits at Core-Plus levels, the highest level possible. The negotiating committee also secured continued company contributions on members’ behalf to the Seafarers Money Purchase Pension Plan. The contract covers both licensed and unlicensed members.


“We were able to make some real progress in the negotiations and I think the results reflect the hard work put in by both sides,” said SIU Vice President Contracts George Tricker. “The fact that we secured annual wage increases while maintaining benefits is a solid achievement.”


In addition to the maintenance of benefits and pay increases, the contract calls for a new classification to be added to the unlicensed agreement. That classification is known, as of March 1, as “Electronic Technician.” The negotiating committee also obtained extra compensation for AB dragtenders and steward assistants.


The negotiations were led by Tricker, Norfolk Port Agent Georg Kenny, and Brooklyn Patrolman Terence Maxwell. Representing the licensed crew were Robert Kiefer and Elmer Prestidge and representing the unlicensed crew were Duane Evans and Charles Troutwine.


Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company, LLC is the largest provider of dredging services in the country. Founded in 1890, the company is one of the only U.S. dredge businesses to have a significant international presence. It operates 10 hopper dredges that are crewed by around 100 SIU members.



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