SIU, MSC Continue CMPI 610 Negotiations


March 2012


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Editor’s note: This article is part of a series to advise MSC CIVMARS in the SIU Government Services Division about the ongoing efforts to complete Civilian Marine Personnel Instruction 610 (CMPI 610) negotiations. As noted in previous LOG pieces, CMPI 610 covers Hours of Work and Premium Pay for all CIVMARS employed aboard MSC vessels.

The SIU and MSC continued their ongoing CMPI 610 negotiations following a break in the negotiations during fall 2011. The last negotiation session took place at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service between Jan. 30 and Feb. 3, 2012. The parties have now completed nearly all of the new language for the Instruction, with a few outstanding items remaining to be negotiated.

The parties have turned much of their attention to the financial modeling stage of the negotiations. Over the last several months, the parties have been engaged in an extensive financial modeling process to ensure that whatever changes are made have a minimal effect on the overall economic impact for CIVMARS as well as for MSC. This process involves analyses of ships’ logs, payroll records and other data that documents the various work evolutions which may result in overtime and premium pay. Much of the recent financial modeling was done at MSC Norfolk (MSFSC) during January 2012.

In addition to the financial modeling, the parties are continuing to refine, clarify and organize the language of the revised CMPI 610 to ensure that the finished product is written as clearly as possible. Much of the criticism of the current Instruction has to do with its confusing and repetitive provisions.

Negotiators made every effort to address these well-founded concerns. At each bargaining session, the negotiators worked carefully to eliminate the confusion, misapplication and inconsistent language currently found in the Instruction. The new document is being thoroughly examined to make certain that the language that was reached through these negotiations accurately reflects the intent of the parties in the final product.

As the parties complete the negotiations, work begins on the process of preparing to “roll out” the revised CMPI 610 in order to get the many users of this Instruction familiar with the changes and train all licensed and unlicensed CIVMARS about the new provisions to ensure the consistent application of the work rules.

The SIU will continue to update MSC CIVMARS about this important initiative in future issues of the LOG.



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