SHBP Enrollment-Beneficiary Cards


September 2011


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The Seafarers Health and Benefits Plan (SHBP) regularly reminds Seafarers about the vital importance of completing and submitting a new SHBP Enrollment-Beneficiary Card whenever a member has a change in his or her family status – such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, death of a family member, or change in beneficiary. This form enables the Plan to process the member’s Seafarers Health and Benefits Plan benefits correctly and expeditiously.


Having an updated card on file is especially important in the event of a member’s death. Death benefits for eligible participants are payable to the beneficiary listed on the most recent beneficiary card on file with the Plan. If a member’s beneficiary has predeceased the member, or if the member does not name a beneficiary, a maximum amount of $1,000 may be payable to the member’s estate. Also, in order for the member’s beneficiary to claim the full amount of the death benefit, the beneficiary must be a close relative. “Close relative” is defined by the Plan as follows:


Spouse Mother Brother
Child Father Sister
Grandchild Stepmother Stepsister
Grandfather Stepfather Stepbrother
Grandmother Half-sister Nephew*
Stepchild Half-brother Niece*


(*Niece and nephew are defined as the children of the brother or sister of a deceased employee.)


If the beneficiary named by a member is not a relative on this list, the maximum amount he or she can receive as a death benefit is $1,000. This could greatly reduce any amount payable under the Plan’s Graduated Death Benefit rules.


Please check the new member portal here on the SIU website to view the beneficiary information that we have on file to see if it is up-to-date. If the information is outdated, members are urged to submit a current SHBP Enrollment-Beneficiary Card as soon as possible. Those cards are available at the union halls. Also, members may call 1-800-252-4674 and request that a card be mailed to them.



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