Ocean Atlas Crew Assists Stranded Fishermen

February 2011

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The SIU-crewed Ocean Atlas participated in the rescue of a fishing vessel that was adrift more than 50 miles off the coast of Ecuador, providing desperately needed supplies to the 17 stranded men aboard.


On Oct. 23, 2010, an Ecuadoran-flagged fishing vessel, the LT Anconsito 1, was working at sea when it ran out of fuel off the coast of Manta, Ecuador. The crew of the fishing vessel sent a small boat out to search for help, but the ship remained incapacitated, putting all of the people on board at considerable risk.


Operated by Pacific-Gulf Marine for Intermarine LLC, the Ocean Atlas was en route to Coquimbo, Chile, when AB Kevin Montiero, who was at the wheel, noticed the disabled ship in the distance. He called to the mate and alerted the crew, who prepared to offer assistance.


The Ocean Atlas and its crew arrived to find the 17 men aboard the ship in desperate need of fuel and worried about their fellow crew members that went off to get help. Montiero was the only person aboard who spoke Spanish and was the de facto translator for the two crews. This turned out to be very useful for determining the extent of the problem.


The fishing vessel had been without fuel for more than 12 hours, the Ocean Atlas crew learned. Not only that, but the weather was volatile and beginning to get even worse. For the men aboard the disabled ship, a passing vessel may have seemed miraculous.


“You could see on their faces and in their eyes that they were really worried,” said AB Nagi Musaid.


The Ocean Atlas stayed with the Anconsito 1 and assisted in its refueling while the location of the smaller boat was being determined. Luckily, the boat made landfall in Manta and returned to the Anconsito 1 after receiving fuel from ashore. Eventually, the Anconsito 1 was functional and ready to continue its work.


“When we told them we would give them some of our fuel, it was like their eyes almost sparkled,” said Musaid. “It made me feel like I made a difference in somebody’s life.”


Montiero noted the importance of helping fellow mariners in need and the good feelings associated with doing the right thing.


“It makes you feel good when you know you’re saving lives,” said Montiero. “They were very thankful because they knew there was no more threat after we arrived.”

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Ocean Atlas

A stranded fishing vessel off the coast of Ecuador was assisted by the crew of the Ocean Atlas


Ocean Atlas Crew

Some of the mariners who assisted the stranded fishermen are pictured aboard the Ocean Atlas.


Back row, left to right: Elec. Joshua McDaniel, Bosun David Hetrick, 3rd Mate Corey McDaniel, Captain Scott A. Lund, 2nd Mate Nicholas Bahil, AB Nagi Musaid, Asst. Cook Adel Yafai, AB Pedro Ramos


Front row, left to right: AB Kevin Monteiro, Eng. Cadet Andrew Barela, GUDE Nabil Ahmed


Not pictured: Ch. Mate Dave Matthews, Ch. Eng. J.P. Parenteau, 1A.E. Steve Neergaard, & Stwd. Bruce Mesger