SHBP Announces COBRA Continuation Coverage For SIU Members, Families

January 2011

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The Seafarers Health and Benefits Plan would like to notify Seafarers and their families of the right to elect to purchase continuation of health coverage if you lose coverage due to certain qualifying events. This continuation of coverage is known as COBRA.


Generally, if you are the employee, you will be eligible to purchase COBRA coverage for a certain period of time if you lost coverage because you did not have enough days of covered employment (unless the job was lost due to gross misconduct). If you are the family member of a covered employee, you may also elect COBRA for a certain period of time when the employee loses coverage; or if you are going to lose coverage because of a divorce or the death of the employee; or in the case of a child of an employee, the child reaches an age at which the Plan no longer considers him or her to be a “dependent child.”


In the case of a divorce or the death of an employee, you must notify the Plan within 60 days of the divorce or death in order to be eligible to purchase continuation coverage. If you do not notify the Plan in a timely manner, you may not be eligible to receive further coverage.


For more information about continuation coverage rights under COBRA, please refer to the Plan’s “Guide to Your Benefits,” which members should have received in the mail or at a union hall. The guide is also available in PDF format on the SIU web site,, under “Member Benefits and Resources.”


If you have recently lost coverage, or are about to lose coverage from the Plan, contact the Plan at 1-800-CLAIMS4 to request a COBRA election package.

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