Remembering NY Waterway Seafarer Capt. Mark Summers

December 2010

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Capt. Mark Summers, an SIU member and NY Waterway employee since 1988, passed away May 17 after a brief illness, at age 53. Believed to have been the longest-serving Seafarer at NY Waterway, the U.S. Navy veteran was memorialized a few weeks later during a service in the Hudson River at Haverstraw, N.Y. The site was chosen because that’s where Summers normally operated his ferries. According to SIU New York Safety Director Mark Von Siegel, three NY Waterway boats participated in the June 5 service; they were filled with family members, friends and co-workers who paid their respects and shared stories about Brother Summers. The photos at right show one of the ferries during the service, a memorial wreath and urn used the same day, and Brother Summers standing on his sailboat.


A local newspaper remembrance described the late Seafarer as “beloved,” and further said he “embodied ferry service for hundreds of commuters.”


Thanks to SIU NY Waterway Captain John Clare for providing these photos

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