Union-Affiliated School Offers MSC Readiness Refresher Program

December 2010

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The Seafarers-affiliated Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education is offering a five-day readiness refresher program designed to meet the needs of mariners who either already sail aboard Military Sealift Command vessels or are renewing requirements to sail on MSC ships.


MSC recently approved the curriculum, which includes a three-day, U.S. Coast Guard-approved basic safety training (BST) refresher component; one day of helicopter firefighting; and half-day refreshers covering damage control and chemical, biological and radiological defense (CBRD). The overall course also features marine environmental segments that may be taken after hours or via distance learning.


In addition to meeting the regular eligibility requirements for upgrading, students must have completed a full damage control course and a CBRD course, or must have completed the first week of the Paul Hall Center’s government vessels class, in order to enroll in the new MSC Readiness Refresher program in Piney Point, Md.


Seafarers who plan to complete the BST refresher training at a facility other than the Paul Hall Center are strongly encouraged to make sure the class is approved by the Coast Guard. In light of expected regulatory changes, completing an unapproved BST refresher class may hamper members’ efforts to renew their documents and/or licenses in the years ahead.

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MSC Readiness Refresher Course

Helo firefighting is part of the new MSC Readiness Refresher course offered at the Paul Hall Center in Piney Point, Md.