Sealand Intrepid Helps Rescue Boat Captain

October 2010

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The Sealand Intrepid was first on the scene and teamed up with U.S. Coast Guard personnel to rescue a fishing boat captain whose vessel sank near Oakland, Calif., on Aug. 25.


Sealand Intrepid Master Douglas Fifield said the Intrepid “responded to a distress call from the U.S. Coast Guard to provide aid to the fishing vessel Ana, while on approach to San Francisco in thick fog. The captain of the Ana (later identified as Dennis Fox) abandoned the vessel into a life raft as his vessel sank from unknown causes. The Intrepid was able locate the raft and bring it alongside due to the commendable efforts of all who participated in the rescue. The captain was in good condition and was provided for until the USCG arrived. I commend the officers and crew of the Intrepid for their quick response in the middle of the night and their professional handling of the situation from start to finish.”


According to the Coast Guard, which dispatched a motorized lifeboat and a helicopter, the 27-foot fishing boat was a total loss.


SIU members sailing aboard the Intrepid during the rescue included Recertified Bosun Mathew Bevak, ABs Tomas Robinson, Nasir Isa, Randy Pasquarella, Kevin White and Lou Cabano, Electrician John Alicea, QMED Gebar Ogbe, GUDE Gerardo Ruiz, Recertified Steward Ronald Fluker, Chief Cook Carmelo Dela Cruz and SA Eusebio Avila.

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Sealand Intrepid CrewPictured next to the ship are (front row, from left) GVA Armando Medina, CB Bernard Pooser, OS Anthony Teele, SS Jonathan Anderson, SST Peter Lewit, 3AE Vic Medina, (middle row) LT Mark Blankenship, 2C Nestor Poblete, 1AE Armando Mangaya, EU Otis Tate, AB Sonny Palmer, BGL Robert Bayliss, CST Dan Wright, AST Matt Van Hoy, ST Kim Glomb, LT Denise Gruccio, LT Michael Davidson, (back row) ET Dave Miles, ENS Lindsay Morrison, ENS Joe Carrier and SST Doug Wood. (Thanks to NOAA CDR Shepard Smith for supplying the names for this caption.)