CMPI 610 Negotiations Update

August 2010

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The following information is provided in order to update Military Sealift Command (MSC) CIVMARS on the Civilian Marine Personnel Instruction (CMPI) 610 negotiations. CMPI 610 covers the Hours of Work and Premium Pay provisions applicable to all CIVMARS.

Union, MSC and Military Sealift Fleet Support Command (MSFSC) negotiators continue to meet. Interest Based Bargaining (IBB) processes are serving the parties well. While the negotiations are time-consuming and difficult at times, significant progress has been made.

We have completed a review and negotiation of approximately 75 percent of the General Provisions section.

The parties anticipate that once the General Provision section is completed, Department Work Rules will be addressed. The schedule, however, is flexible – a benefit of the IBB process.

The last negotiation session, conducted during the week of June 7 in Washington, D.C., had a number of subject matter experts (SMEs) in attendance, including AB Marque Anthony. Currently, Anthony serves aboard the USNS Arctic. Also acting as SMEs were Captain David Gommo and Captain Randall Rockwood. SMEs serve to ensure union and agency negotiators have access to accurate, current information regarding afloat practices and procedures.

The main goal of the parties has remained unchanged since the start of the negotiations – that is to ensure that the CMPI revisions make this Instruction clearer and more user-friendly for unlicensed and licensed CIVMARS fleet wide.

Marque Anthony assisted union representatives in every aspect of the negotiations. Summing up his experience after a long week of negotiation in the nation’s capital, Anthony said, “I arrived at the negotiations with mixed expectations, not knowing if I would be viewing a heated debate or discussions that would put one to sleep.

What I encountered was both the union and agency were united in their efforts to clarify and streamline this Instruction and to ensure that all CIVMARS will be able to clearly interpret the revised Instruction. I observed an exhausting effort by our union representatives in the advocacy for MSC CIVMARS. The licensed SMEs attending were also genuinely concerned for the unlicensed CIVMARS and their years of experience were extremely valuable in all topics reviewed, proposed and negotiated.”

Anthony concluded that he wished all mariners would have a chance to experience such an effort – to have a better understanding of the discussions “which will no doubt affect our everyday life on MSC vessels.”

Kate Hunt, SIU Government Services representative, noted that Anthony’s knowledge regarding shipboard practices was a great help to union representatives in these discussions and the union appreciates Anthony’s contributions to this huge effort.

The next negotiations are scheduled for mid-September.

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