Report: Jones Act Has Hugely Positive Effect

May 2010

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In its report covering 2009, the Maritime Cabotage Task Force (MCTF) cites several noteworthy statistics about the Jones Act – a law that boosts America’s national and economic security.

The MCTF is a broad-based coalition with more than 400 members (including the SIU) from throughout the U.S. maritime industry. Its newly issued report calls attention to a study prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers which found the following:

■ The Jones Act accounts for almost a half-million jobs in the U.S.

■ The law generates more than $100 billion in total annual economic output

■ It generates $11 billion in U.S. taxes

■ An estimated $29 billion in Jones Act-related U.S. labor compensation is paid annually

The Jones Act stipulates that waterborne cargo moving between U.S. ports must be carried aboard vessels that are crewed, built, owned and flagged American.

“The Jones Act provides this nation with economic and national security while delivering goods and cargo in an efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner,” the MCTF report states. “We would like to thank the Obama administration and Congress for their unwavering support for the Jones Act and other U.S. maritime cabotage laws and statutes. Knowing that the Jones Act will remain the foundation of U.S. domestic maritime policy allows our industry to persevere during recessionary times like these and to grow as the economy rebounds.”

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