New Password Requirements for Member Portal


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Message to SIU Members


Seafarers is changing the password requirements for signing on to the portal in order to increase protection of your personal information, effective July 16. The new password requirements are more complex, to prevent others from guessing your password and gaining access to your information.


Please wait until July 16 to change your password, because all portal account passwords will expire on that date, even if they already met the new rules.


The new password must meet the following requirements:


  • - Must be at least 8 characters long
  • - Cannot contain any spaces
  • - Must have at least one uppercase letter
  • - Must have at least one lowercase letter
  • - Must have at least one number
  • - Must have at least one symbol
  • - Cannot be one of your previous 6 passwords
  • - Cannot re-use passwords set in the previous 365 days


Beginning on July 16, you will be required to change your password or you will not be able to sign on to the portal. You’ll get a prompt the first time you try to log in. That screen will include all of the new requirements (the same ones listed above).


Your new password will last for one year.


The information contained in this notice also will be emailed to all member portal users the week of July 9, and it will be published in the next edition of the Seafarers LOG.


For help, contact the membership assistance department at (800) 252-4674 (option 2) or




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