Final El Faro Hearing Scheduled (1/13)


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The Untied Stated Coast Guard issued the following news release on January 13. It can also be viewed here.




The third and final Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation hearing has been scheduled to commence on Feb. 6, 2017, in Jacksonville.

This hearing will examine additional elements of the investigation including crew witnesses, TOTE company officials, Coast Guard officials and contents of El Faro's Voyage Data Recorder, including the transcript of bridge audio recordings which was released Dec. 13, 2016, by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The NTSB, which is conducting its own concurrent investigation, will fully participate in the Marine Board of Investigation hearings.


What: Marine Board of Investigation, third and final hearing
When: Commencing Feb. 6, 2017. An updated advisory will be released containing additional schedule information.
Where: Prime F. Osborn Convention Center, 1000 Water Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204
How: There are several ways interested parties may stay up to date with the MBI proceedings.

The Coast Guard will be tweeting live hearing updates from @uscoastguard with the following hashtags: #CGMBI #Elfaro.

An e-mail has been set up for interested parties to ask questions or make comments. This e-mail will be checked regularly. The e-mail is:

The Coast Guard is also hosting a live stream of the proceedings. The web address for the live stream and an archive of past El Faro proceedings is:


Media coverage:

Reporters must register to attend the hearing by emailing: Media must register no later than 4 p.m. Friday, February 3.

Ground Rules for the EL FARO Hearing are:

Reporters may attend open sessions of the Marine Board, as may members of the public as long as they do not detract from the decorum of the proceedings or inhibit a witness' willingness to testify. The Coast Guard's policy is to permit expanded media coverage of marine casualty investigations; therefore, audio and video recordings are authorized under the following conditions:

- Media pooling will be required
- Witnesses will not be available for interviews until the Marine Board Chairman releases them from their testimony
- Entering and exiting the hearing room shall only be conducted during designated breaks
- No extreme close-ups of documents, witnesses and/or members of the Marine Board
- Bench conferences shall not be recorded by audio or by extreme close-up video or photography
- Media members must prominently display their credentials at all times and remain within their assigned area
- Confidential communications between counsel and client or co-counsel shall not be recorded by audio or by extreme close-up video or photography
- Questions regarding the proceedings shall be directed to the Coast Guard media liaison. A liaison will be present at the venue throughout the hearing


Failure to adhere to these rules or other verbal instructions may result in removal from the hearings.


For additional information, please contact Alana Miller at or 202-510-6523.

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