Update on SIU and UIW Halls (9/11)


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Last updated at noon on Monday, September 11, 2017


The SIU hall in Puerto Rico has reopened. The phone lines are working, but the hall does not have SMIS or internet access. The hall suffered limited damage.


The SIU hall in Jacksonville, Florida, tentatively is scheduled to reopen on Tuesday, September 12. The hall sustained relatively minimal damage.


Information is still being gathered about the hall in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but it is closed until further notice.


The SIU-affiliated United Industrial Workers (UIW) operates offices on St. Croix and St. Thomas, respectively. While the St. Croix facility sustained some water damage, it is open, albeit without phone service.


St. Thomas was harder hit, and information is still being gathered about the UIW office there. It is closed until further notice.


The SIU has secured generators and is sending them to the U.S. Virgin Islands specifically for use by the UIW.


Finally, the SIU hall in Houston reopened Aug. 31. The hall is still using temporary phones, as follows:


(713) 380-6230 (Dispatch)

(713) 376-9038 (Dispatch)

(713) 494-4991 (General Membership Services)

(713) 447-3269 (General Membership Services)




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