Contract Awards Mean Additional SIU Jobs (9/20)


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The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) recently announced two separate operating contracts covering a total of 11 ships – and the upshot for the SIU is additional jobs.


On Sept. 18, the DOD reported that Seafarers-contracted U.S. Marine Management will operate seven Bob Hope-class ships. Those vessels are the USNS Bob Hope, USNS Fisher, USNS Seay, USNS Mendonca, USNS Pililaau, USNS Brittin and USNS Benavidez. Categorized as large, medium-speed, roll-on/roll-off (LMSR) ships, they’re currently operated by AMSEA, with SIU crews in all three departments. The contract includes a one-year “base period,” plus four 12-month options and then a six-month option.


On Sept. 19, the DOD announced that Seafarers-contracted Ocean Ships has been selected to operate four other LMSRs: the USNS Gordon, USNS Gilliland, USNS Shughart and USNS Yano. Those vessels currently are operated by Patriot and carry SIU crews only in the steward department. Like the agreement for the Bob Hope ships, this one consists of a one-year base followed by four 12-month options and then a six-month option.




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