NMC Posts Update on Mariner Credential Exams (7/28)


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The U.S. Coast Guard’s National Maritime Center issued the following notice on July 28. To access the announcement (in PDF format) on the NMC website, click HERE


Merchant Mariner Credential Examinations


The Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2015 requires several actions regarding Merchant Mariner Credentialing. This bulletin provides information related to Section 315: Examinations for Merchant Mariner Credentials. Per this section, the Coast Guard will cease public disclosure of examination questions and other information related to exams.


In place of this information, the Coast Guard will provide an outline of merchant mariner examination topics as well as sample examinations. This information will be posted on the “Examinations” page of the National Maritime Center website on or about August 1, 2016.


In addition, the Coast Guard intends to remove the current bank of examination questions and illustrations from the National Maritime Center Website on or about September 1, 2016.


The Act contains other authorizations and requirements related to mariner credentialing. The Coast Guard is actively engaged in these actions and will publish additional information as it becomes available.


If you have questions or feedback regarding the sample examinations, please contact the NMC by using our Online Chat or Ticketing System, by e-mail at IASKNMC@uscg.mil, or by calling 1-888-IASKNMC (1-888-427-5662).




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