SIU Endorses Hillary Clinton for President (1/6)


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January 6, 2016

(Click HERE for a PDF copy of this announcement)


The Seafarers International Union is proud to endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. Based on many years of working with us to promote a strong U.S. Merchant Marine and to protect workers’ rights, we are confident that Secretary Clinton is the best choice to lead our nation forward.


Hillary Clinton has unfailingly fought for America’s working families, including during her service as United States Senator from New York and as Secretary of State. She has always been an ardent supporter of American Mariners and the U.S.-flag maritime industry. She has long been on record as an outspoken, effective backer of the Jones Act, the Maritime Security Program, and our nation’s cargo preference laws.


Just as importantly, Secretary Clinton clearly values the importance, service, and historic reliability of the men and women who constitute the U.S. Merchant Marine, also known as America’s fourth arm of defense. Her acknowledgements of the U.S. Merchant Marine’s proud tradition – since the nation’s founding – of unbroken commitment to American economic and national security reflect a genuine appreciation of what we mean to America.


Our union traditionally does not take party affiliation into consideration when backing a candidate for office. We have friends in both major political parties, and we have always lived by the principle that we support those who support the maritime industry along with workers’ rights. In this case, party affiliation once again is not a factor at all. Secretary Clinton is unsurpassed in her strong backing of our core issues and values.


The Seafarers International Union looks forward to working with Secretary Clinton through the rest of the 2016 campaign season and for many years to come. She has our enthusiastic support.




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