NMC Announces Changes to Mariner User Fee Page (2/5)


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The Coast Guard’s National Maritime Center issued the following update on Feb. 5. To access it (in PDF format) directly on the NMC website, click HERE.


Updates to Pay.gov Merchant Mariner User Fee Webpage


On February 5, 2016, Pay.gov released a significant update to the Merchant Mariner User Fee Payment webpage. The National Maritime Center (NMC) initiated this update to streamline and simplify the fee payment process as part of a continued effort to better serve the maritime community.


Changes to the Pay.gov online fee page include:


• A single-page layout where all fees are now selected and calculated on the same page


• Updated endorsement names to reflect the fee schedule published in the Code of Federal Regulations (46 CFR 10.219)


• An option to select the fee(s) for both officer and rating endorsements. The system will automatically calculate the appropriate fee in accordance with the regulation


• An option to pay required exam and/or issuance fees at a later date


• A link to the NMC Live Chat has been added to the fee page, allowing users with questions to connect quickly with an NMC customer service agent for answers during normal business hours.


Determining which evaluation and examination fees to pay can be complicated. To ensure you select the correct application and exam fee, please visit the NMC webpage for detailed information. You may also contact the NMC via Live Chat, e-mail, or by phone. As many refunds are issued for exams that were never taken, you may elect to wait until you have been approved to test before paying your exam fee. This may prevent you from having to request a refund, which can take several weeks to process.


The NMC is continuously working to improve the mariner credentialing experience based on feedback provided by the Merchant Mariner community and industry. The new Pay.gov MMC user fee page should reduce the number of payment errors and refunds.




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