SIU President Thanks Seafarers for Protecting Jones Act (1/29)


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Message from Michael Sacco to SIU Membership

On Anti-Jones Act Amendment

January 29, 2015


Dear SIU Brothers and Sisters:


I am writing to thank you for your tremendous response in our grassroots campaign to protect the Jones Act, and also to let you know that the current threat has ended following today’s Senate vote on the Keystone XL Pipeline bill. Although the Keystone bill was approved, the anti-Jones Act amendment that had been offered earlier in the month by Senator John McCain was never brought up or voted on, and so it wasn’t included in the final bill.


We know this won’t be the last time we have to step up to defend our domestic shipping industry, but this is a great victory for Jones Act supporters like us, and your overwhelming response was a big reason why we prevailed. Thank you for answering the call with emails and phone calls to your Senators. Thanks, too, for your ongoing support of SPAD, our voluntary political action fund. You absolutely made a difference.


There’s more information about the Jones Act and this particular battle on our website and in our newspaper. In fact, it’s the subject of my column in the February edition of the Seafarers LOG, which is already online.


But for now, I again wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the swiftness and tenacity you demonstrated in speaking out on behalf of the Jones Act. We had plenty of friends in this fight – throughout the industry and on both sides of the aisle – but the SIU stood out because of your efforts.


Well done, brothers and sisters!



Michael Sacco





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